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Gosia Orzechowska is a Canberra-based artist born in Poland. 
After completing her 5 years of tertiary studies in the Academy of Fine Arts in Poland she emigrated to Australia.

With her solid background in oil paintings, etching, sculpture and modern art installations she kept experimenting with different media to finally focus on painting mostly in acrylic.

Her latest paintings are inspired by nature. In her works she often depicts wild Australian flowers. Gosia’s fascination with native plants didn’t happen overnight. As a migrant she went through the process of exploring, understanding and falling in love with Australian nature.

Although Gosia’s current works are representative and very detailed it is not her aim to create photo-like paintings. She enjoys playing with detailed and un-detailed areas, with soft and hard edges, solve the challenges when it comes to colours and forms to show how expressive flowers can actually be. Whether the subject is representative or abstract it is intriguing to find that sweet spot of just the right blend of colours, structures and other elements of the composition to complement each other, to create a compelling visual experience.

It’s a process one learns as an artist all their life. 

It took years to finally reach the level of technical proficiency to be comfortable with facing the challenges Gosia now finds for herself in her art.

Gosia’s motto: “I paint therefore I am”.

 My paintings can also be found for sale at: Grainger Gallery Canberra
and two
 online galleries: Bluethumb, and Art Lovers Australia

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